Rise Up!

We encourage everyone to watch this video below. And please help our mission! We started this foundation to remember their sacrifices and honor their families but to also to #unite everyone to get respect back! We created the Blue Bowl Flag Football Tournaments, Blues For The Blue, Boots For Badges concerts and our Mission 2244 Gala  to bring people together to support and to respect law enforcement but also unite everyone regardless of skin color!


We have seen the good across this country and  we have also seen the challenges we still face. 

In Fort Worth Texas we saw all races come together around a game we all love...Football! The event was the Garrett Hull Blue Bowl to honor a Fallen Officer Garett Hull. The Fort Worth Police Officers Association and Fort Worth Police Department have excellent leadership and are amazing police officers who strive each day to gain the respect of their communities. Chief Ed Krause is an amazing man and Police Chief and we are honored to call him our friend! Tarrant County Sheriff's Office has one of the most compassionate Sheriff’s in Bill Waybourn that you will ever meet! We are also honored to call him our friend! 

We will not support any orginizations that support groups like BLM.ORG! Our Blue Bowl is for heroes. Our Blue Bowls have everything a Super Bowl has but the the true heroes are our men and woman of law enforcement. We encourage everyone to go to www.bluebowl.org to learn more and we want to have Blue Bowl's all over the country to remember our Fallen Heroes, honor their families and unite everyone to gain respect back for law enforcement.

We won’t stop! We will continue our mission to have events, to remember our fallen and honor their families and to unite everyone in this country! We all need to come together and unite.

We encourage everyone to join our mission! We need the support. Go to www.thefallenofficers.com and send us an email. We would love to hear from you.


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