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The Fallen Officers which supports the Robert L. Zore Foundation honorably supports the families and departments of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty across the United States.


Rosemary Zore was only 7 years old when she lost her father Robert L. Zore a Miami Police Officer on Christmas Day 1983. Rosemary always wanted to do something to not only honor her late father but to also help other families all over the country that have also lost a loved one in the line of duty. 


Officer Robert L. Zore was killed in the line of duty on December 25, 1983. His life and legacy inspired his only child to create the Robert L. Zore Foundation and The Fallen Officers. Rosemary Zore believes that when a police officer gives his or her life for our community, the least we can do is to honor that ultimate sacrifice by caring for his or her family and children for the rest of theirs.  The Robert L. Zore and Fallen Officers is a registered 501.3c not for profit organization which will host Blue Bowl co-ed flag football tournaments between police officers, former and Current NFL Players and local leaders around the country to raise money for the fallen officer's families. We also believe that these events "unite" the community with law enforcement to gain respect back for the law.  We also support our foundation by holding annual events such as our concerts, Legends Concert SeriesThe Blues For The Blue and Boots For Badges and our National Mission 2244 Gala. We would like to have these concerts all over the country as well as our Blue Bowl's.

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We Must Unite!

Our Mission

The Fallen officers which supports The Robert L. Zore Foundation is a non-profit organization that honorably supports the families and communities of fallen officers across the United States.  Since these brave heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, our mission is to provide support to their families, departments, and communities. Our Mission to is Remember Our Fallen, Honor Their Families and to unite everyone to get respect back for law enforcement and the communities they serve.